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Only if you can replace the word regular with distinctive, store bought with one-of-a-kind, and generic with work-of-art can you appreciate what Haute So Sweet can do for your special event. Theme cakes can define a party. An elegant wedding cake can form memories for a lifetime. Corporate gifts so distinctive and flavorful it might never be business as usual. From gift favors to designer cakes with hundreds of combinations of flavors and fillings, each creation is a joint collaboration between what you might dream of and what Haute So Sweet will create.

Michelle Apiar

Michelle Apiar is the sole artist of all Haute So Sweet creations. As a French Culinary Institute graduate specializing in pastry, Michelle has taken the rich heritage of custom baking and combined it with a creative component that truly delivers

one-of-a-kind works of art. Her creations have been the centerpiece of special events and weddings in New York and New Jersey, social events at The Hamptons and corporate events on Wall Street. As an apprentice she honed her skills at Colette's Cakes in New York City. She then moved on to make cakes on her own, eventually developing into Haute So Sweet.

Before we put a fork to it,
we put our minds to it.

A delight first for the eyes,
then the taste buds.

Call Haute So Sweet and share with us your dream of that specialty birthday cake, wedding or gift favor or an edible corporate gift idea. We'll help with concept suggestions as well as helping you visualize the final product. 212-695-1711


Individually concepted and created. Admired for their beauty. Loved for their taste. The most amazing wedding party favors. MORE