Birthday Cakes

Although birthdays come around every year, a unique customized birthday cake can be a once-in-a-lifetime present to the one you love.

Concepts for specialty birthday cakes might be the calendar year itself…

sweet sixteen, 21, the 40th, the 90th. Hobbies, locations, favorite sports or entertainment stars are also wonderful themes. Does your 8 year-old love dinosaurs? A T-Rex cake will keep the kids screaming. Does your wife or daughter love Chanel No 5 or Louboutins? We'll theme a cake to look like the perfume bottle or one decorated with purple shoes make of sugar. Happy Birthday takes on a whole new message with a Haute So Sweet specialty birthday cake.


Gold and silver is tried and true, but don't let tradition dictate your options. Every anniversary is special. Celebrate your special one with a theme cake designed just for this happy event. Be it a marriage anniversary, corporate anniversary or even an association or club anniversary, have everyone appreciate the celebration by enjoying and remembering the cake that said it all.


A grand opening, a new wing, a new account, a significant milestone, a new life. Grand events mark great times in one's life and Haute So Sweet can help mark that occasion with a special designer cake. Need help with special occasion cake ideas? Are you a party planner looking for a centerpiece that captures everyone's attention? What better way to honor a celebrity, winning sport team or a once-in-a-lifetime achievement than with a cake that shows it, says it and tastes it. Click here for a list of our featured flavors.

Haute so sweet made the most
beautiful cake I have ever seen


Chanel No. 5 is the epitome of elegance & glamour, and the designer, Michelle brought it to a new level—incorporating my favorite fragrance and my personality into an amazing edible (!!!) creation. My guests swore that her creation was not a cake—it was too perfect. It made my 30th Birthday so memorable, I just wish someone left a piece of cake for me to take home!